About the SIG

Background to the NFWSIG

In 2006 the many members that owned 5th wheelers were seeking more information about importation, building requirements and state rules. After discussion with the CMCA it was decided to form a Special Interest Group (SIG) and under that the first chapter called the "East Coast Wheelers" an Australia wide chapter was formed with approximately 50 members. New members joined both the SIG and chapter quickly as the information came out in the Wanderer. Members were very keen to exchange information, having both the chapter and the SIG meant they were now able to have regular meetings which became a venue for other members who were considering purchasing to attend and talk with owners of 5th wheelers.
In 2008 the numbers were growing in the East Coast Wheelers and it was decided that a new chapter was needed and the Garden State Wheelers were formed. During this time the SIG was very busy spreading the word and taking calls, emails and enquiries from all over Australia. In 2009 it was decided to try and have a chapter formed in Qld, Feb 2009 the "Crocodile Wheelers" wee formed. During this time the SIG was instrumental in fostering 5th wheeling and its culture around Australia and supported and encourage the 3 chapters.
In October 2009 at Casino Village, the SIG held its last AGM as a motion to disband the SIG was put forward and passed, as a committee could not be formed. The NFWSIG has been in care taker mode since being looked after by the last president Kerry Moore who has done a great job fending enquiries and finding people to answer them, I would like to thank Kerry officially for her dedication over those years.

April 29 2016 at the CMCA Bathurst 30th Anniversary Rally a meeting was held with some 54 members and it was evident that it was time to get the SIG up and running again. The committee was voted in and now it is time to get on with the rest of the story.